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Appetizer Platters

There are lots of options when you host a event that needs a bite of food to start, one is a platter of delightful food options to pick from that has lots of options to choose from.  Cheeses, fruits, meats, breads, crackers, pickled items, olives and the list goes on and on.   I offer customizable platters for your party.  Contact me for more information and pricing.


Charcuterie platter paired with wines being served


Toasted bruschetta with tomato, parmesan cheese, fresh basil and a drizzle of balsamic

Slices of assorted apples

Dates wrapped in bacon

Teriyaki meatballs, mini sausage bites wrapped in pastry dough, cucumber bites with smoked salmon & stuffed mushrooms.

catering 5-2.jpg
Asian Charcuterie.jpg

Asian inspired charcuterie platter.  Wasabi peas, sesame crackers, rice crackers, edamame, pumpkin seed crunch, Pocky, and more served with soft white cheeses

But wait, there's more!!! I'm constantly making more and more platters for parties!

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