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Sample Menu Selections

Lunch Size Entrée:

Carrot ginger soup

Split pea soup

Veggie Wonton soup

Asian Egg Drop soup

Asian Chicken lettuce wraps

Noodle soup (veggie, chicken)

Southwestern Chili (veggie or beef)

Street Taco's (beef or chicken)

Southwest chicken bowl

Classic Caesar salad

Baby spinach salad

Three bean salad

Mama's Macaroni salad

Old Fashion Potato salad

Dinner Size Entrée:

Turkey Tetrazzini pasta

Turkey burger with sweet potato fries

Penne Pasta casserole with veggies

Lamb chops with mustard and breading crust

Pork chops with peach glaze sauce

Ham slice baked with pineapple

Steak with Marsala sauce

Steak with BBQ rub

Steak with mushroom’s and roasted garlic

Chicken with apricot glaze

Chicken with BBQ rub

Chicken with lemon & herb sauce

Chicken Scaloppini - with white sauce

Chicken Parmesan - with red sauce

Cornish Game Hen - Roasted

Fish fillet (Tilapia, Salmon, Cod, Sole) with lemon & herb  in pouch

Fish (Tilapia or Salmon) with miso glaze or teriyaki glaze

Old Fashion Spaghetti with mini meat balls

Pasta noodles with mixed veggie sauté - butter sauce

Classic Lasagna (meat or veggie)

Pasta shells stuffed with ricotta/cheese and red sauce

Especial Enchiladas (chicken, beef, veggie or cheese)

Barbara's Eggplant Parmesan - with red sauce

Shrimp (grilled, scampi, with pasta sauté)


Side dishes:

Potatoes (roasted, mashed, baked, scalloped)

Brussel Sprouts roasted with special seasoning

Asparagus (grilled, roasted or steamed)

Carrots with butter glaze sauce

Sweet potato fries / Russet potato fries

Acorn squash roasted with brown sugar & butter

Butternut squash  roasted with choice of sauce (brown sugar, butter sauce or garlic yogurt)

Button Mushrooms (stuffed, sautéed, or roasted)


Asian Fried Rice

Barbara's Famous Deviled Eggs

Chipotle roasted corn

Seasonal Vegetable Sauté 


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