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Brunch - Breakfast and Lunch Crunched

The most important meal of the day - Breakfast. But what if you get up later and it's almost lunch time buy you are still craving breakfast? Even fast-food restaurants have a cut off for time but in my opinion - you can eat breakfast at any meal (including dinner!). Recently at a supper club gathering, we decided to do a Sunday brunch instead of a Supper. What a hit and everyone can share their favorite breakfast items.

We started off with coffee which was from our New Orleans trip and some Cafe Du Monde Chickory blend. We also had Mimosas and Bloody Mary's to round out the drink menu. As I was the hostestest with the mostest, I made Eggs Benedict for the group. English muffin toasted, Canadian bacon,

pouched egg topped with Hollandaise sauce and a sprinkle of paprika. As with our supper club, everyone brings a dish that they created as well. Everything is from scratch and homemade. Other foods brought were fresh cinnamon rolls, fruit salad with fruit from the local farmers market, and a item called "bacon explosion" which was a roll of meat! Including pork sausage, ham, potatoes all rolled into a log and baked. Delicious food, great company and a good time was had by all. There was not a scrap left! So go ahead and host your own brunch party!

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