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February Special Menu

 Dates are open for pick up/delivery by arrangement.


February brings back the special menu AND monthly offerings.

Valentine Dinner - $100 (serves 2)

Appetizer (pick one - serves 2)

       Shrimp Cocktail - 6 shrimp served cold with homemade cocktail sauce.

       Stuffed Mushrooms - 6 mushroom caps stuffed with chopped mushrooms and cheeses topped                                                       with breadcrumbs.

Salad (pick one - serves 2)

        Spinach salad with egg & bacon Dijon dressing

        Multicolored spiral pasta, onions, celery, sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs dressed with light dijon                                                    dressing and sundried tomatoes.

Main Course (pick 2)

        Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon baked and served with roasted Brussel sprouts.

        Creamy Tuscan Chicken (chicken breast served with white sauce and Italian herbs) served with                                                      garlic mashed potatoes.

        Mushroom Piccata Pasta (vegetarian - with lemon/caper sauce) served with bourbon glazed                                                          carrots.

Dessert (pick one - serves 2)

         Layered Chocolate Mousse (fresh whipped cream & dark chocolate mousse)

         Rainbow candy dipped Strawberries (8 total)

Additional Items available this month:

Carrot Ginger Soup - 1 quart - $12

Three Bean Vegetarian - 1 quart - $12

Minestrone Soup Vegetarian - 1 quart - $12

Fresh Pea Soup - 1 quart - $12

Chicken Noodle Soup - 1 quart - $15

Turkey or Beef Chili - 1 quart - $15

Greek Salad $12 - serves 2-3 people

Baked Falafel with shaved cucumber salad - $12 - serves 2-3

Deviled Eggs - $5 - 6 halves


Lemons: $5 bag (about a dozen) or .25 cents each

Avocado: $5 bag (about 8) or .75 cents each – takes about a week to ripen


Fruit description – Bacon Avocado Tree!

A Bacon avocado has green skin with bright yellow dots, and the bottom end often has a dark spot, but the skin doesn’t change color overall as it ripens. The shape of the fruit is oval, like a giant egg. And Bacon avocados are bigger, on average, than Hass.  Cutting open a Bacon avocado leaves you with the impression that its seed is medium to large, and its flesh is pale yellow. There’s not much green even at the perimeter of the flesh of a Bacon.  They are super mild in flavor and very creamy texture.


I use fresh organic ingredients including anything I can harvest from my garden.  Currently in season are my lemons, avocado’s, parsley, oregano, mint, chives, green onions, rosemary, lemon thyme, English thyme, bay leaf and basil.



Delivery/Pick up date:

By arrangement – Call me or email me for a date!



Here are some details about this month’s menu…

If you have ordered from me before, you know that there most items are freezable if you want to save for later.  If you need me to modify the cooking, please let me know because I can! (Omit alcohol, halal meat, low salt, etc.)  Pick up is free and delivery is $20 (local).  Looking forward to serving you!  Please call or email to order.


To order, please email or call

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