September Special Menu

This month is a little different!  All meals are served family style and serve 4-6 people.  Dates are open for pick up/delivery by arrangement.


Main Courses

All serve 4-6 people served “family style”

Lasagna w/meat sauce $30

Lasagna all veggie $25

Chicken Enchiladas w/green or red sauce $30

Cheese Enchiladas w/green or red sauce $25

Red Coconut Curry with chicken $30

Red Coconut Curry with all veggies $25

Roasted Chicken w/mini potatoes $30

Stuffed Bell Peppers w/Turkey & Rice $30


Side Dishes

Serve 4-6 people (unless noted) served “family style”

Spanish Rice $10

Quinoa w/chickpeas & marsala spice $10

Mama’s Macaroni salad $10

Barbara's Famous Deviled Eggs $5 (6 halves)


Mint Chip Ice Cream 1 quart $10

Vanilla Ice Cream w/Butterfinger chips 1 quart $10

Lemon Sorbet 1 quart $10


Delivery/Pick up date:

By arrangement – Call me or email me for a date!



Here are some details about this month’s menu…

The Food:

  • Lasagna - meat or all veggie is layered with noodles, sauce, seasonal veggies, cheese that includes mozzarella, parmesan & jack.  Meat used is ground organic beef.

  • Chicken Enchilada's (or all cheese) are flour tortillas filled with chicken/cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, and baked in either red or green enchilada sauce.  Choice of heat is yours!

  • Bangkok red curry is loaded with seasonal veggies and can be all veggie or have chicken added.  Includes tofu cubes.

  • Baked Chicken (whole) is roasted with BBQ or Nashville hot spices and served with mini potatoes that are roasted in the fat of the baked chicken.

  • Stuffed bell peppers (meat or veggie choice) are filled with brown rice, pasta sauce, cheese mixture and some seasonal veggies. 6 peppers total.

  • Spanish Rice: mixture of brown rice, peas, carrots, & Rotel sauce.

  • Tri colored quinoa mixed with chickpeas, diced carrots, onion, peppers with masala spices.

  • My mama's recipe!  Macaroni, mayo, mustard, celery, onion & secret spices!

  • Barbara's famous devil eggs are 6 halves. Yolks mixed with mayo, mustard, and other secrets!

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - made in house (1 quart)

  • Vanilla Ice Cream with Butterfinger Pieces - made in house (1 quart)

    ​Lemon Sorbet - made in house with lemons from the tree (1 quart)


If you have ordered from me before, you know that there most items are freezable if you want to save for later.  If you need me to modify the cooking, please let me know because I can! (Omit alcohol, halal meat, low salt, etc.)  Pick up is free and delivery is $25.  Looking forward to serving you!  Please call or email to order.

To order, please email or call